Are you coming to Lisbon before Christmas? Are you in the mood for some fantastic Christmas market shopping? What to do in Lisbon?

You might be surprised to hear that Lisbon is not that much of a Christmas market city. There are lots of concerts in churches all around the city, but the traditional Christmas markets as we know them from cities like Vienna, Lubeck and Prague can not be found in Lisbon. There is however one place that is perfect for those arriving with children, and that is the Christmas park in Parque Eduardo VII. Here you can find a Christmas village with lots of events made for children and it has a nice Christmas atmosphere to it.

You should also be aware of the fact that Lisbon is a city with lots of delicious pastry. That is why you should prepare for eating lots of snacks and good cakes when you come to Lisbon before Christmas.

There are no Christmas markets in Lisbon like this one (picture from Budapest)
There are no Christmas markets in Lisbon like this one (picture from Budapest)

What about the Christmas markets in Lisbon?

If you really want to enjoy a good Christmas market then you should travel to another destination like Vienna or maybe Budapest. But, if you simply will be happy if you can go shopping, then you can read more about shopping in Lisbon right here.

You can also read more about other activities and programs in Lisbon here in our Lisbon Guide.

We wish you a Merry Christmas no matter where you decide to go before Christmas to do this years Christmas shopping!

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