The city of Lisbon awaits you with open arms, lots of sunshine and a mixture of traditional European culture and African culture. It is a melting pot of cultures and colors, and a city that will entangle you and amuse you.

Cristo Rei

Get to know more about the famous attractions and sights in Lisbon as you read in our Lisbon Guide, but do not only read about the most important attractions and sights in town as you look through the guide, but find more information about how to get around in the city using public transportation, how to get from the airport to the city center without being tricked, read about some recommended hotels and find advices on what you need to eat while visiting Lisbon.

We will also write about some great activities such as traveling around with the legendary tram line number 28, and if you want to experience Lisbon by night, then a river cruise is something we can warmly recommend.

As you understand Lisbon has a lot to offer, so keep on reading and enjoy your stay in Lisbon!

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