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Airport transfer LisbonThere are a few things we all have in common as we travel to Lisbon. We all need a place to stay and we all need to get to our hotel. Since most of us arrive to Lisbon with plane the question is how to get from the airport to your hotel in Lisbon?

There are different ways in which you can get from the airport in Lisbon to your hotel, and here we will tell you the easiest ones.

With taxi from Lisbon Airport

The easiest way to get from Lisbon Airport to your hotel is of course to use a taxi. You can jump into a taxi at the airport or you can use a pre-booked transfer. It might feel safer to book your transfer before your arrival and you can also calculate your costs beforehand in that way. It might however be cheaper to jump on a taxi at the airport without pre-booking, but it can also be more expensive. Some advises:

  • If you just jump in a taxi at Lisbon Airport make sure to tell them to start their metres as your travel starts towards the city centre.
  • Be aware of the fact that there are lots of cars driving in the centre during daytime to it might get expensive if you have to stand in lines for a long time.
  • The airport is located quite close to the city center.’
  • There is often a plus luggage fee when using a taxi from the airport in Lisbon to your hotel, so ask the driver for this before making a deal.

If you want to pre-book your airport transfer in Lisbon then you can do so right here.

From Lisbon Airport with metro

If you want to travel from the airport in a cheaper way, then you can use the public transportation system and the metro. The end station of the red line is located at the airport, so just get your tickets in order and you can feel free to travel towards the city center of Lisbon using the metro. This is of course not so convenient if you have a lot of luggage, but if you are on a budget, this is a perfect solution!

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  1. Ingar says:

    Everything worked fine, no problems. Big paper with my name on upon arrival and we were taken to our hotel. We were picked up at the hotel at the correct time, nice drivers, even though they did not speak much english.

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