25 de Abril bridge

If you want to trick some friends, then you should go to Lisbon and take a picture of yourself with the 25 de Abril bridge in the background. Then you can update the picture to a social media site and do not write anything about where the picture is taken, and you will soon realize that most of the people watching the picture and pressing the like button will believe that you are located in San Francisco. Why? The 25 de Abril bridge in Lisbon has great similarities to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and that is what makes it one of our favorite attractions in Lisbon.

The bridge was opened in 1966 and it connects Lisbon to Almada. It is at the moment the 27th longest suspension bridge in the world and it has a total length of a bit more than 2250 metres. It was constructed by an American company that also has constructed a bridge in San Francisco, though not the Golden Gate Bridge itself.

In addition to helping more than 150,000 cars get across the Tejo river every day, the bridge was also expanded so that trains can use it as well, making the number of passengers crossing the river every day using the bridge to more than 380,000 people.

The bridge is located in between the main city center and the famous area Belem is located, so most people will see this bridge even if they do not intend on seeing it. This is also the bridge which is located very close to the Cristo Rei, and some of the nicest picture of the bridge can be made exactly from the Cristo Rei monument.

25 de Abril bridge picture

Golden Gate in Lisbon


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