One thing we all have in common as we travel to Lisbon is that we need a place to stay during our visit. But, maybe you wonder where you should stay in Lisbon? Or maybe you wonder which are the best hotels in town? Or where you will get the best value for your money? Here you will get some advises related to picking your hotel in Lisbon and some tips from us concerning some hotels with fantastic quality and great value for your money!

Hotels in Lisbon

First let us start with some things that are useful to know as you pick your hotel in Lisbon.

  1. There are no hotels in Lisbon that will help you do everything on foot. Since the attractions and activities in Lisbon are spread out you will for sure need to use transportation anyway, at least if you want to experience activities such as the funicular and the Oceanarium and/or visit the Jeronimos monastary and the Belem tower.
  2. The most central area in Lisbon still is in the vicinity of Rua Augusta, the main shopping street of the city. The ideal is therefore a hotel not so far from this area.
  3. If you are willing to use public transportation you can save a lot of money booking a hotel a bit outside the city center, just make sure that the hotel is located close to a metro station that will take you downtown in a few minutes.
  4. During the warmest summer days make sure not to go on very low budget hotels in which no air condition can be found! It is worth those extra Euros to get yourself a better hotel with air condition included!

Let us start with some real advises on hotels on Lisbon!

Best hotels in Lisbon

The best five star hotel in Lisbon

If you want to live in the very best five star hotel in Lisbon that also has a good location we would suggest that you book your room(s) in Hotel Avenida Palace. This is a stunning five star hotel located in the heart of Lisbon, just by the Restauradores square, which means you can reach the Rua Augusta within a few minutes. It has a wonderful view towards the St. Georges Castle and you are also close to exclusive shopping on Avenida da Liberdade.

Super central in Lisbon

If you feel as if Hotel Avenida Palace is a bit out of the inner centre as you have to walk a few minutes to get to the shopping street then the hotel of your choice should be Hotel Santa Justa. This is totally in the heart of the city with shopping and the most famous elevator nearby. It has four stars and great reviews from visitors, so a safe haven while enjoying Lisbon has to offer!

Four star hotel with great prices and metro

Let us say that you are willing to use the metro and do not care if you will have to walk for 3-4 minutes to get to the metro and then travel for 10 minutes to get to the city center, at least not if you can save a lot of money doing so? If that is you, then Sana Lisboa Hotel is a perfect choice for you. The hotel has nice looking facilities and it is also quite close to the airport, so a perfect in the middle location. With the metro you can reach downtown in 10 minutes!

There are of course lots of more hotels in Lisbon that you could consider, but start looking at one of the hotels we have mentioned here and then you can read more about other hotels in Lisbon on as you surf their websites.