Would you like to travel with taxi in Lisboa? Here are some advises that you should know before you jump into a car on the street!

  • Taxi in LisbonTaxies in Lisboa normally have a cream color and every taxi driver should have their license on display as you enter the taxi. They should also have a metre in the car showing how much you are to pay.
  • There are several big taxi companies in Lisbon, but one of the biggest is Radio Taxis (Tel: 21811900).
  • All taxies have a minimum fare of 2 Euro and at night they charge you 20% higher rates than during daytime.
  • Most drivers speak some English, but not very much.
  • Drivers normally use GPS to get to their final destination.
  • Make sure that your driver use the metre, so if he/she does not start it once you jump into the car, tell them to start it. If you make a set price that will normally be much higher than using the metre.

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