São Jorge Castle

The castle in Lisbon which carries the name Sao Jorge Castle is one of the main attractions in the Portuguese capital. It is located on a hill surrounded by walls and with a beautiful view towards the Tagus river.

The first fortification was built on the hill about 50 Before Christ as a part of this turning into a part of the Roman Empire. But, there had been people using this hill long before that and there are signs that point to human existence here on this hill more several thousand years earlier.

As a tourist you can visit the castle today. To get inside the walls and to walk around and enjoy the view you will need to pay an entrance fee. To get to the castle you can either travel with a tram, walk or use a some sort of a taxi!

Castle St George
“CastleSaintGeorge” by Massimo Catarinella – Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Commons.