When you travel to Lisbon you will need a place to stay and that is why we have written about hotels in our Lisbon Guide. But, if you want to survive your stay in Lisbon you will also need something to eat, so here you will find more information about restaurants in Lisbon and what to eat while in town!

Seafood in Lisbon

As you might know Lisbon is a city in which you can eat a lot of fish. It might be that children would rather travel to Rome to eat pizza, spaghetti and lasagne than to Lisbon where they can eat bachalhau, octopus and prawns. In addition you can eat a lot of oysters and mussels and so on. In other words, be prepared for seafood as you visit Lisbon!

Sweets in Lisbon

In addition to the seafood Lisbon is also known for its sweets, and the most important of all sweets that you have to taste while in Lisbon is the Pastel de Nata. This is a sort of a cake which has a legendary status in Lisbon and after tasting it you will for sure long to eat it again. The original can be bought near the Tower of Belem, but you can also find similar and copies of the original all around Lisbon.

Pastel de Nata

Restaurants in Lisbon

Here are some advises for restaurants in Lisbon that might be worth visiting, based on what you want to taste and experience.

The wine experience

If you want to simply enjoy some nice and tasty bites combined with tasting some of the best and most delicious Portuguese wines, then our suggestion would be Sommelier Lisbon. This place is located fairly central in Lisbon.

Address: Sommelier Lisbon, Rua Telhal 59 – Book a table

The Italian experience

If you want to eat something that is not the very traditional food for Lisbon and Portugal, then why not experience some fantastic Italian food while in town? At Forno D Oro you can enjoy what is said to be the best Italian restaurant in Lisbon.

Address: Forno D’Oro, Rua Artilharia 1 16b 1250-039 – Book a table

The seafood experience

If you want to enjoy the fruits of the sea, and that is something you should do while in Lisbon, then you should visit Frade dos Mares. This is known to be maybe the very best seafood restaurant in Lisbon and here you can eat everything that the sea has to offer, of course accompanied by fantastic wines.

Address. Frade dos Mares, Av. Dom Carlos I, 55-A – Book a table

The Michelin experience

For those who want to eat on a Michelin starred restaurant in Lisbon the solution is to visit Tagide. This is a brilliant restaurant with only the finest courses and the best wines available, located fairly in the center of Lisbon, so only a few minutes away from Rua Augusta and the inner city.

Address: Tagide, Largo da Academia Nacional de Belas Artes 18-20 – Book a table

 Those were some suggestions concerning what to eat in Lisbon and where to eat. If you have further suggestions or questions, just use the comment field!

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