Train in Portugal

Would you like to discover more than just Lisbon? You can easily get around in Portugal using the railway system!

If you want to find schedules and buy tickets for the train in Portugal, then the most important website for you to visit is the following:

That is the website of Comboios de Portugal, and there you can buy tickets for train rides all across Portugal. The most popular destination to visit might be Porto.

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Traveling from Lisbon to Porto with train

If you want to travel from Lisbon to Porto, you should plan to leave Lisbon from the station: Lisboa – Oriente. The ride from there to Porto will take you about 2 hours and 30 minutes, and you will arrive to the Campanha station in Porto. This is not the most central station, but if you want to get to the central station named Sao Bento, then you can travel with the urban rail for four minutes, and you will get there quickly. Such a train ride from Lisbon to Porto from 25 Euro per way.

Traveling from Lisbon to Faro with train

If you want to travel in another direction, then you might feel like traveling from Lisbon to Faro using the Portuguese railway system. To do so, you should start your travel with getting to the Entrecampos railway station in Lisbon (or Sete Rios). You can get there using the metro, and you need to get of at the Entre Campos station. There you can get on the train leaving for Faro. The travel time should be around 3 hours, and the minimum price for the ticket around 22 Euro per person.

Traveling from Lisbon to Estoril and Cascais with train

If you want to visit Estoril or Cascais, then using the railway is the perfect solution. The ticket price for such a ride is a bit more than 2 Euro, and the travel time should be between 30 and 40 minutes. Estoril will come first and then a few minutes later you will arrive to Cascais. The station you should use in Lisbon for this ride is Cais do Sodre, a beautiful station located by the river, and with its very own metrostop as well.

These are just some examples. For more information visit the website referred to above, and start planning your train trip in Portugal already.

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