Vasco da Gama bridge

Do you want to see the longest bridge in all of Europe? Then you better head of to Lisbon and to the Parque des Nacoes. The bridge is really impressive as you see it close up, and even cooler as you travel across it. The construction of the bridge started back in 1995 and it was opened to traffic in March 1998. Today you might not need to cross the bridge yourself as you visit Lisbon, but if you do not cross it, you should at least take a closer look at the bridge.

A great way of enjoying the bridge is by visit the Parque des Nacoes, a beautiful area in which you can find the popular Vasco da Gama shopping mall, you will find here a giant aquarium and let us not forget about the cable cars which will let you see the bridge from the air as you travel almost all the way until the bridge.

The nearest metro stop to the bridge is Oriente, the same stop you will need to use if you plan on visiting the Vasco da Gama shopping mall.

Vasco da Gama bridge picture

Vasco da Gama bridge


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