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Are you coming to Lisbon in December? Would you like to visit a Christmas market or do some Christmas shopping? Where are the best Christmas markets in Lisbon? Do they have a big Christmas tree in Lisbon? Everything you need to know about your Christmas celebration and the Christmas markets in Lisbon.

The Christmas market tradition isn’t very strong in Lisbon and Portugal. The climate has never forced the Portuguese people into creating an extra event, in contradiction to Germany and Austria in which the people needed an excuse to go out and drink and have fun in the dark and cold month of December.

But, seeing the success of the Christmas markets elsewhere in the world, Lisbon is moving in the Christmas market direction as well. So, where should you go to find the best Christmas markets in Lisbon? Where to go if you want to get the Christmas atmosphere and some nice holiday spirit in Lisbon?

The Christmas markets in Lisbon

Here we will give you information about the most popular Christmas markets and Christmas areas in Lisbon.

Wonderland Lisboa

This is the most popular place in Lisboa for those in love with Christmas. It is arranged in Parque Eduardo VII, a place located less than 2 kilometers from the Rossio square in the heart of Lisbon. This is an amazing place, and here you will find an ice rink, places where you can buy hand-made products, a giant Ferris wheel, the house of Santa Claus, and at times you can also enjoy live music and performances from the stage. You can easily get to this area by taking the metro to either the stop Parque or to Marques de Pombal.

Wonderland Lisboa
Wonderland Lisboa

Christmas market at Rossio square

This square is in the center of Lisbon, and here you will normally find places where you can buy roasted chestnuts, hot wine, and other traditional Christmas drinks and food. It cannot be compared to the giant Christmas markets in Vienna, Prague, Budapest and similar cities, but it is still a nice place to go. There are different markets at this square throughout the year, but before Christmas, the Christmas lights are turned on and it actually ends up really nice. There is also a large Christmas tree at the square.

If you want even more Christmas spirit during your stay in Portugal, you could consider a trip to Obidos.

The Obidos Christmas market

Obidos is a city located approximately 90 kilometers from the heart of the city of Lisbon. There are two ways leading to the city from Lisbon, one is 90 km, while the other is 110km. The ride between Lisbon and Obidos should take you approximately 70 minutes. But, why go to Obidos?

This little village is turning into a giant Christmas village every year. The market is surrounding the Castelo de Obidos Pousada, and it looks magnificent. Here you will find an ice skating rink, a Ferris wheel, Merry-go-around, and everything you would expect from such a place. The village in itself is also a delight to visit, so this might be a nice place for a day excursion from Lisbon, also on a nice summer day!

The Obidos Christmas Village
The Obidos Christmas Village

Dates for the Christmas markets in Lisbon

Would you like to know more about this years Christmas markets in Lisbon? Check our latest blog posts about the Christmas markets in Lisbon for more information.

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These are some thoughts and suggestions for those coming to Lisbon before Christmas.

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