Sumol Summer Fest

Wouldn’t it be amazing to experience the city of Lisbon in the middle of the summer? There are many fantastic music festivals in Lisbon during the summer, for example, NOS Alive and Rock in Rio Lisboa, but if you want to combine dancing, music, and partying at the beach, the Sumol Summer Fest is the number one place to be.

This fantastic event first started in Lisbon a few years ago, and it has become a favorite summer activity for many people. The festival takes place in a cool setting, often by the beach, creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone.

What makes Sumol Summer Fest special is its diverse music lineup. You can hear different types of music, from pop and electronic beats to hip-hop and reggae tunes. The festival organizers want to make sure there’s something for everyone, so people of all ages can have a great time.

Besides the awesome music, Sumol Summer Fest is known for its positive and friendly vibes. People come from all around to dance, sing along, and just have a good time together. It’s a chance to forget about worries and enjoy the summer days in a lively and energetic environment.

The festival usually attracts a decent crowd, with many young people looking for a cool summer experience. The warm weather, great music, and the laid-back atmosphere make Sumol Summer Fest a perfect way to spend a day or two in Lisbon during the summer. If you are a camper, it is possible to stay in a tent at the festival area, which is cheaper than hotels, and you will not miss out on anything happening in the festival area. Would you rather live in a hotel or an apartment? Use the map below to find great accommodation options in Lisbon.

Sumol Summer Fest 2024

Dates: July 5-6
Location: Praia de São João

Who is coming to Sumol Summer Fest in 2024?

The list of artists isn’t complete yet, but we do know that Morad, Teto, and Wio will come to the festival. More artists will be added to the list later and you can find more complete information at

Are there any good and cheap accommodation options in Lisbon during this time of the year?

Below you can see a map of the center of Lisbon with cheap and expensive options for both apartments and hotels. If you want to live closer to the festival area, zoom out and go look to the southwest to find hotels near Praia de Sao Joao.


We hope you will find the perfect accommodation for you and those you will travel together with.

How can I travel to the festival area?

The coolest way to get to the festival area is by boat. You can travel by boat from Belem and then stay on the boat until you arrive at Trafaria. You will still need to do some walking but it is a quite convenient and nice way to get to the festival area. Another option is to travel by taxi.

What else should I do in Lisbon?

There are lots of fantastic attractions in Lisbon. If you are in the festival area, you are not extremely far from the world-famous Christ statue in Lisbon, so you should visit it when you have the time. Another popular activity is the trips on the Tejo River. The castle in the center of Lisbon is also fantastic, and anyone leaving Lisbon without using the popular tram lines has to return once again to the city. You can read more about all these attractions and activities in our Lisbon Guide.


Jul 05 - 06 2024


All Day


Praia de São João
Praia de São João

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