Comic-Con 2024

Are you a fan of comic books and movies? Comic-Con in Lisbon is the perfect event for you. It is arranged for every single and thousand of fans come together to celebrate, read, watch, and have fun.

Similar Comic-Con festivals are arranged worldwide, for example, in cities such as Budapest and Prague. The most famous is arranged in Los Angeles, and if you have seen Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Brother, you know this festival was the highlight of the year from him.

There are quite a lot of famous stars coming to Comic-Con in Lisbon. As a result, you can often take selfies with celebrities, chat with them, and meet others who love the same characters as you!

Comic-Con is arranged in the famous arena Altice Arena. This is located in a fantastic area a little bit outside the city center of Lisbon. Here you can find popular attractions such as the Telecabine, an Oceanarium, a big shopping mall, a large park area, and a fantastic view of the Tagus river.

Comic-Con Lisbon 2024

Doesn’t seem like there will be an event in Lisbon in 2024.

But, if you are desperate to experience a Comic-Con in Portugal, you could consider traveling to Porto where there will be a Comic-Con in 2024.

Comic-Con Porto 2024

Dates: March 21-24, 2024