Lisbon Marathon 2024

There is a fantastic half marathon in Lisbon every year. Would you rather run the double distance, that is, a full marathon? That is possible if you register for the Lisbon marathon, which normally takes place annually in October.

The Lisbon marathon is one of the nicest marathon races you can run. It starts in Cascais and you run next to the sea all along the way until you reach the finish line at Praça do Comércio in Lisbon. That is 100% awesome, and it is a marathon you will remember for a lifetime. You can travel with train from Cais di Sodre in Lisbon. You can travel for free if you show your registration for the marathon.

Besides the full marathon, there is also a chance to run a half-marathon and a mini-marathon on the competition day. The mini-marathon has a distance of 8,5km. The half-marathon and the mini-marathon start from the famous Vasco da Gama Bridge in Lisbon.

lisbon marathon

There is much more to the Lisbon marathon than just running. Each year they arrange a giant Pasta Party at three areas in Lisbon where participants can eat and enjoy pasta together with thousands of others.

Lisbon Marathon 2024

The event is arranged on October 6th in 2024.

How much does it cost to run?

The price for the main marathon is 80 Euro, while the half-marathon costs 60 Euro, and the mini-marathon costs 40 Euro.

Is this an event for you?

There are many fantastic marathons worldwide, but the marathon in Lisbon is one of the nicest of them all. But, if you don’t have experience with running long distances, you should consider running the mini-marathon or the half-marathon before registering for the marathon. If your body isn’t used to running such distances, you need many months to prepare for a marathon (some say years). As a result, you should instead run a shorter distance and enjoy it, than to try something that will turn into a painful experience.

It is beneficial to find some running partners with whom you can prepare and find someone with more experience whom you can ask for help. This will also give you useful information about your condition and whether or not you can run a half-marathon or even a full marathon!

No matter what, this is a fantastic event and we hope you will come to Lisbon to be a part of the Lisbon marathon, in one way or another!

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We wish you all the best as you run the Lisbon Marathon, and do not forget that the secret to a successful marathon is made during the preparation!

Lisbon Half Marathon 2024

Doesn’t running a half marathon in the Portuguese capital sound awesome? The half marathon in Lisbon is an annual event, normally arranged in March every year. Would you like to discover Lisbon differently? This is your chance!

A half marathon is a wonderful way to get to know a city. Not only is it an excuse to visit Lisbon, but you can run in your own tempo, look at the surroundings, and have a great time. Another positive thing is that preparing for a half marathon is way easier than a full one. If you really want to run a full marathon in Lisbon, that can also be done, but that is normally in October every year.

If you have some running experience, you can easily make changes and be well-prepared for a half marathon. Keep on running 5-10 kilometers a couple of times a week, and then from time to time, boost the distance to 15km and then boost it to 21km. In between the longer distances, keep running the shorter distances. You will quickly notice that your body is well prepared, and you should be capable of running the half marathon in Lisbon.

How much does it cost to participate in Lisbon Half Marathon?

The price to take part in Lisbon Half Marathon is 60 euros. Registration can be done here.

There is also a 10km Vodafone race, costing 40 euros.

It is important to note that lots of streets will be closed because of the half marathon. As a result, it is required that all participants reach the finish line within 3 hours and 30 minutes because after that, all roadblocks are removed and traffic returns as usual to Lisbon.

Where does the Lisbon half marathon start?

You will not be alone as more than 35,000 people participate in this race. But, it is still important to be ready when the start signal is given. The start is from Bridge 25 de Abril, the famous bridge in Lisbon. It is important to notice that you need to use public transportation to cross the bridge. If you prove you are a marathon runner, you can use public transportation in Lisbon for free, which is quite easy. Be sure to pay attention to details closely to get to the start point on time.

Lisbon half marathon 2024

Date and time: March 10, 10.00

You need to pick up your BIB (starting number) latest on March 9th. It is also possible to have this delivered to your Lisbon hotel.

Would you like to run even more in 2024? You could consider visiting the capital of Hungary in September to partake in the Budapest half marathon!