Olivia Rodrigo Lisbon 2024

Are you coming to Lisbon for “Rock in Rio” in 2024? Are you able to stay for a few more days, which again will give you the chance to be there at one of the Olivia Rodrigo concerts in Lisbon? Or are you coming to Lisbon solely to be there at one of the Olivia Rodrigo concerts?

Olivia Rodrigo is touring all of Europe in early 2024, and she will visit lots of cities. But, there are not many cities that get the pleasure of having two concerts with the young artist known from the Disney series “High School Musical”, or for her super-hit “Drivers License.”

Altice Arena is the venue that will host the Olivia Rodrigo concerts in Lisbon. It used to be called MEO Arena, and it is located in a cool area called Parque das Nações. At most, 20,000 people can fit inside Altice Arena. That’s a lot of people, and it will be full during both Olivia Rodrigo concerts in Lisbon in 2024.

It is easy to travel to Altice Arena. You can use different ways like buses, trains, or even the metro. If you’re coming from the city center, you can take the metro’s red line and get off at the Oriente station. From there it’s just a short walk to the arena.

Olivia Rodrigo Lisbon 2024

  • Location: Altice Arena
  • Date: June 22 & 23, 2024
  • Tickets: Viagogo

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We hope you will have a wonderful time in Lisbon and that you will enjoy one of the Olivia Rodrigo concerts. You can read more about the popular attractions in Lisbon, cool programs, interesting museums, and many other topics here in our Lisbon Guide.