Operafest Lisboa 2023

Are you a fan of opera music? The annual Operafestival in Lisbon, normally referred to as “Operafest Lisboa“, is a fantastic event waiting. During the festival, you can listen to music from some of the most famous operas ever made, and you shouldn’t be surprised if you see pieces such as the “The Magic Flute” and Carmen by Bizet” on the program.

Most of the event and concerts take place in the National Ancient Art Museum in Lisbon, but some events are arranged elsewhere in the city. If you want to combine a trip to wonderful Lisbon with amazing music and opera singers, this is the festival you should visit.

You can see the full program of the festival at https://www.operafestlisboa.com/en/.

Operafest Lisbon 2023

Location: National Ancient Art Museum
Dates: August 18 – September 9

What to expect if you come to the festival?

Below you can see a teaser video showing you shortly what the festival is about in 2023.

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We hope you will have a wonderful stay in Lisbon!

Some more pictures from Operafest Lisboa

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