Taylor Swift Lisbon

Are you ready for the biggest concert event in Lisbon in 2024? NOS Alive is a big event, but with Taylor Swift coming in May to perform twice at Estadio da Luz, it is time to get ready for the biggest highlight for music lovers in Portugal in 2024.

Taylor Swift is traveling to quite a lot of big cities in Europe in 2024, but there are lots of important cities she will not visit. As a result, Lisbon is lucky to have Taylor Swift coming for two concerts, especially knowing that cities such as Rome, Dublin, Paris, Berlin, Budapest, and Prague are excluded from the list of cities she will visit.

Taylor Swift will be in Lisbon on May 24 and May 25, and the tickets for both concerts were sold out immediately. It is, however, possible to buy second-hand tickets for the events. This always comes at a risk, but if you are desperate to see and listen to Taylor Swift live in Lisbon, it is a way to get hold of some tickets.

Taylor Swift Lisbon 2024

Dates: May 24-25
Location: Estadio da Luz

Second-hand tickets: Viagogo

Estadio da Luz is normally used by the popular football club Benfica. The venue has space for 65,000 people, meaning that more than 130,000 will listen to Taylor Swift during her two concerts in Lisbon in 2024. If you want to be among them, you should definitely try to find a ticket for one of the concerts as quickly as possible.

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