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Super Bock Super Rock Lisboa

If you didn’t know it already, Lisbon is the party capital of Europe during summer. Super Bock Super Rock is one of several music festivals that allows fans to experience live concerts with fantastic singers and bands throughout the summer. Which are those other music festivals besides Super Bock Super Rock? Read more about Rock in Rio Lisboa, NOS Alive, and Sumol Summer Fest in our Lisbon Guide.

Super Bock Super Rock is a big music festival that happens in Lisbon. It’s a fun event where people come together to enjoy live music from different artists and bands. The festival has a lively atmosphere with lots of energy and excitement. People gather at this festival to listen to various music genres, including rock, pop, and electronic music. The festival has been arranged at lots of different locations, which means it doesn’t have a permanent location. As a result, it has been arranged at popular locations such as Parque das Nações, Passeio Marítimo de Alcântara, Praça Sony, Parque Tejo, Herdade do Cabeço da Flauta and several other places.

Apart from the music, there are also food stalls with tasty snacks and drinks. People can dance, sing along, and make great memories with friends. It’s a fantastic time for music lovers to experience a mix of live performances in a vibrant and lively setting. Super Bock Super Rock is a celebration of music, good vibes, and having a great time with fellow music enthusiasts in the beautiful city of Lisbon.

Super Bock Super Rock Lisboa 2024

Dates: July 18 – 20
Location: Meco, Sesimbra

Which artists will come to Super Bock Super Rock Lisboa in 2024?

You can find a complete list of artists coming to the festival on the website of the festival. So far only a few names have been released, meaning that we know for sure that Maneskin and Royal Blood will come to the festival, but besides that, we don’t know much yet.

How can I get to the festival area?

Since Super Bock Super Rock is arranged at different locations every year, the best way to find out exactly how to get to Super Bock Super Rock is to visit the website of the company arranging the festival. There you can find information about how you can get to the festival using public transportation, and you can also buy tickets and find information about which artists will come to the festival. The official website of the festival is https://superbocksuperrock.pt/.

Where can I read about other concerts, festivals, and events in Lisbon?

A great place to start is our Lisbon calendar in which you can read about what’s happening in Lisbon right now and in the coming months.


Jul 18 - 20 2024


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