Netflix is finally here

This might not have so much to do with tourism, but maybe it has, because there are after all tons of tourists coming to Lisbon who would like to enjoy a good film on Netflix in between visiting all the beauties the city has to offer.

And as of October 21st Netflix is available in Portugal as well, meaning that you can enjoy all your favorite TV series on Netflix, also in Lisbon and in Portugal! You should be aware of the fact that there are different films and programs available in Netflix in the different nations, so if you are an Irishman coming to Portugal you should know that not all films and programs available in Ireland on Netflix can be found on Netflix once in Portugal. So, you will have to enjoy only the programs available on Netflix in Portugal, and that means you will not have any English subtitles either. You can of course fix this using the instructions given in the following article, but in general the message is that there are different programs available in all the different Netflix regions.

If you live in Portugal and want to watch UK television like Sky Sports or maybe just simply Netflix in England, then you can get yourself an English IP address for this purpose, and more information on this can be found on, which first of all gives you instructions on how to watch Sky Sports and Sky TV in Portugal, but using the same method you can also watch English Netflix in Portugal.

With the winter approaching in Portugal Netflix will be a nice gift, so start watching all those TV series available, and by summer in 2016 you will be finished and then you can get ready for enjoying the Euro 2016 for which Portugal qualified themselves last week!