The distance between Lisbon and other European capitals.

Would you like to travel between Lisbon and other major cities in Europe? How far is it? Here you will find the distance between Lisbon and several European capitals and big cities.

  • Madrid: Lisbon is around 630 kilometers (391 miles) from Madrid, and it would take around 6 hours to drive there. Madrid is Spain’s capital and largest city, famous for its art museums, parks, and nightlife.
  • Paris: Lisbon is around 1,800 kilometers (1,118 miles) from Paris, and it would take around 17-18 hours to drive there. Paris is the capital of France and one of the most iconic cities in the world, known for its museums, landmarks, and culture.
  • Rome: Lisbon is around 2,400 kilometers (1,491 miles) from Rome, and driving there would take around 23-24 hours. Rome is the capital of Italy and a city rich in history, famous for its ancient ruins, art, and architecture.
  • Berlin: Lisbon is around 2,800 kilometers from Berlin, and driving there would take around 29 hours. Berlin is the capital of Germany and a vibrant city known for its art, history, and culture.
  • London: Lisbon is around 2,200 kilometers from London, and it would take around 23 hours to drive there. London is the capital of the United Kingdom and one of the most iconic cities in the world, famous for its landmarks, museums, and culture.
  • Athens: Lisbon is around 3,200 kilometers (1,988 miles) from Athens, and it would take around 31-32 hours to drive there. Athens is the capital of Greece and one of the oldest cities in the world, known for its ancient ruins, art, and culture.
  • Barcelona: Lisbon is around 1,200 kilometers (745 miles) from Barcelona, and it would take around 11-12 hours to drive there. Barcelona is a vibrant city with a rich cultural heritage, famous for its unique architecture, delicious food, and beautiful beaches.
  • Amsterdam: Lisbon is around 2,900 kilometers (1,802 miles) from Amsterdam, and it would take around 27-28 hours to drive there. Amsterdam is a beautiful city famous for its canals, museums, art galleries, and liberal attitudes towards drug use and sex work.
  • Budapest: Lisbon is around 3,100 kilometers (1,802 miles) from Budapest, and it would take around 31 hours to drive there. Budapest is a beautiful city on the banks of the Danube river, known for its thermal baths, stunning architecture, and vibrant nightlife.
  • Vienna: Lisbon is around 2,800 kilometers from Vienna, and driving there would take around 29 hours. Vienna is a beautiful city known for its rich cultural heritage, stunning architecture, and famous landmarks such as the Hofburg Palace, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, and the Schonbrunn Palace.

These distances and travel times are estimates and may vary depending on the route taken, traffic conditions, and other factors. It’s also important to note that driving long distances can be tiring, so it’s advisable to take breaks and plan for overnight stops if necessary. Additionally, checking the latest travel restrictions and regulations is recommended before traveling.

The history of earthquakes in Lisbon.

Lisbon has a long and rich history of earthquakes. The city has been struck by several major earthquakes throughout its history, which have profoundly impacted the city and its people. The first recorded earthquake in Lisbon occurred in 1256, but the most significant earthquake in the city’s history was the Great Lisbon Earthquake of 1755.

The big earthquake of 1755.

This earthquake, which struck on November 1st, 1755, had an estimated magnitude of between 8.7 and 9.0 on the Richter scale and was followed by a tsunami and fires that lasted for several days. The disaster killed tens of thousands of people and devastated the city, leading to the complete rebuilding of Lisbon.

The earthquake was so strong that it was felt as far away as Morocco and the Azores. The shockwaves caused buildings to collapse, including many of Lisbon’s famous landmarks, such as the Carmo Convent and the Royal Palace.

The aftermath of the disaster was chaotic, with survivors struggling to find food and shelter. The Portuguese royal family and many wealthy citizens fled the city, leaving behind the poor to fend for themselves. The fires that erupted in the aftermath of the earthquake worsened the situation, destroying what remained of the city’s buildings and forcing people to live in makeshift shelters.

The Great Lisbon Earthquake profoundly impacted Portugal and the rest of Europe. It led to a reassessment of the city’s urban planning and the rebuilding of Lisbon in a more orderly and organized manner. The earthquake also profoundly impacted the Portuguese economy, as the destruction of the city’s commercial district and port made it difficult for merchants to do business.

However, despite the destruction and loss of life, the Great Lisbon earthquake also positively impacted the city. It led to the creation of new public spaces, such as the Praça do Comércio, and the rebuilding of many buildings in a more modern style, incorporating elements of Baroque and Rococo architecture.

Other earthquakes in Lisbon.

The 1755 earthquake was not the only significant earthquake to hit Lisbon in the following centuries. In 1858, an earthquake struck the city, causing significant damage and killing several people. In 1969, another earthquake struck Lisbon, causing significant damage to buildings and killing several people.

Despite the destruction caused by earthquakes, Lisbon has continued to rebuild and recover from each disaster. The city has implemented strict building codes and earthquake-resistant construction techniques to prevent damage and loss of life in the event of future earthquakes. The city has also developed an early warning system and evacuation plan to ensure the safety of its residents in the event of a future earthquake.

Despite the challenges posed by earthquakes, Lisbon continues to thrive as a city. Its rich history and cultural heritage, combined with its stunning architecture and vibrant cultural scene, make it a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world.

Christmas markets in Lisbon in 2019

When will the Christmas markets be arranged in Lisbon in 2019? Where are the Christmas markets? Here you will find all the information you need about this years Christmas markets in Lisbon!

The goal of this article is mainly to give you information about the dates and the location of this years Christmas markets. For more detailed information about the Lisbon Christmas markets, check this site. Lisbon is getting better and better at celebrating Christmas with nice Christmas markets, so here you have the most crucial information about the Christmas markets in Lisbon in 2019.

Lisbon Christmas markets 2019

Wonderland Lisbon 2019

The most famous Christmas market in Lisbon in the so-called Wonderland. This is located near the metro stop Parque, and it is the biggest and nicest in the capital. Here you will find stands where you can buy drinks and food, and there will also be activities for children including an ice-rink and a Ferris wheel.

Dates for Wonderland Lisboa in 2019: not announced yet!

You can meet Santa in Wonderland Lisboa before Christmas
You can meet Santa in Wonderland Lisboa before Christmas

The Rossio Christmas Market

At the Rossio square, you will find another Christmas market. It doesn’t have set dates, because there is a market here mostly all year round. But, as the Christmas spirit arrives, so the Rossio square market is turning into a Christmas market, something that normally happens at the start of December. Here you can buy souvenirs and handicrafts, but also lots of things to drink and eat.

The Obidos Christmas Village 2019

The most famous Christmas village in Portugal is located in Obidos, approximately 90 kilometers from Lisbon. Here you can enjoy everything you expect from a Christmas market, in a beautiful environment just next to an old fortress.

Obidos Christmas Village dates: November 29th, 2019 – January 5th, 2020

Obidos is a small village that turns into a Christmas village before Christmas.
Obidos is a small village that turns into a Christmas village before Christmas.

We hope you will have a wonderful time at the Christmas markets in Lisbon. If you need help getting from the airport to your hotel in Lisbon, let one of our drivers pick you up and bring you safely to the hotel with set prices.

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Merry Christmas and enjoy Lisbon!

Can the 24-hour transportation ticket in Lisbon be used on metro only?

One of our visitors recently wrote a comment and asked us whether or not it is true that the 24-hour transportation ticket in Lisbon only can be used on the metro system as of August 2019? Is that so?

According to the person writing the comment, she found the information on the website of Carris, the company responsible for the trams and the buses in Lisbon. In other words, if it is so, that would be a drastic change in public transportation in Lisbon. So, what is the truth? Do you need to buy separate tickets if you want to travel with the buses and trams in Lisbon, or can you use the same tickets and the same 24-hour card for these transportation vehicles?

Same tickets for public transportation in Lisbon

So, let us take a look at the price list currently available at the Carris website, valid from August 1st in 2019.

Price list for public transportation in Lisbon from August 1st, 2019.
Click the picture for the full-size version of the price list…

If you take a look at the price list above, all uncertainty should go away at once. How come? You can see the normal tickets costs 1,50 Euro and they are for Carris and Metro. Again, Carris is the company responsible for buses and trams, while the metro – that is the metro. In other words, the same ticket is valid for both.

But, what about the 24-hour tickets in Lisbon?

Once again, you can see that the 24-hour ticket costs 6,40 Euro. And what is written next to it? It says, Carris/Metro. Once again, you can use the same 24-hour ticket at all these vehicles, including metro, buses, and trams. If you want to go on a longer trip to other regions a bit outside Lisbon, you might have to buy the extended ticket (more expensive), or simply buy some extra tickets to use those transportation means, but for transportation in the center of Lisbon, the 24-hour ticket should work perfectly.

What about traveling from the airport?

If you come to the airport in Lisbon, you can buy the 24-hour ticket there (or single tickets) and travel by metro towards the city center. It is very easy, and it works great. But, if you want to get faster to your hotel and more efficiently, the best solution is a private airport transfer. We can help you with that, and we have way better prices (and much safer) compared to what you will get if you just find a driver upon arrival at the airport in Lisbon. If you want to know more about our airport transfer service in Lisbon, click the link and book your transfer today!

We hope these answers will help you. We wish you a pleasant stay in Lisbon!

Metallica concert in Lisbon 2019

Does it sound cool to start May 2019 with a Metallica concert in Lisbon? You have the chance in 2019, because on May 1st Metallica will enter the stage at the Restelo Stadium, and you have the chance to be in the audience.

Metallica concert in Lisbon 2019
Metallica concert in Lisbon 2019

Maybe you do not want to spend a lot of money on listening to Metallica while in Lisbon, and that can easily be understood. Lots of people would rather spend their money dining at nice restaurants, enjoying the cool elevators and trams in Lisbon, or simply just drinking some nice wine, a cold beer, and enjoy the splendid weather in Lisbon.

But, if you are a fan of Metallica, then what could be better than combining a visit to the Portugese capital with a Metallica concert. And considering that it is on May 1st, you will be able to enjoy parts of the city without the giant crowds often typical for the city during the busy summer months.

Metallica concert in Lisbon 2019

Restelo Stadium
May 1st, 19.00

Tickets: Viagogo
Click the link above, and then search for the artist to find all available tickets at the Viagogo website.

But, if you decide to go to the concert, where can the concert venue be found? The Restelo Stadium is located in the Belem area, and it has capacity for more than 20,000 people. It is normally used for football matches, but from time to time, they use if for larger concerts like the upcoming Metallica concert in Lisbon on May 1st.

Considering how central the stadium can be found, it can easily be reached on foot, or you can use the public transportation in Lisbon to get to the venue easily.

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You can also read more about other interesting and cool Lisbon programs here in our Lisbon Guide, so make sure to look around. We are sure that you will find inspiration and good advises as you look around.

Safe and secure airport transfer in Lisbon!

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Do the hotels in Lisbon have free WiFi?

I will travel to Lisbon in May, and it is very important for me to have a good Internet connection in my hotel. Do the hotels in Lisbon have WiFi? Do they have free WiFi? Is it safe to use?

Lisbon is a beautiful city in May, so we hope you will have time to leave your hotel, in order to discover the beauties of the city. But, if a good WiFi connection is crucial to your stay, make sure to check it with your hotel before your arrival. If you decide to book your hotel using, make sure to read the descriptions properly, and maybe include free WiFi as an option as you search for a hotel in Lisbon.

free wifi lisbon

But, some hotels write that they include free WiFi, but as you arrive, you will soon discover that the free WiFi is only available at certain spots in the hotel. Therefore, contact the hotel you are interested in directly, at least if it is of utmost importance that it works perfectly from your arrival. You can contact your hotel sending them an email, but you are probably even better off calling them. You will then receive an answer straight away, as most hotels have people available in the reception answering calls all day long.

Watch out as you use the free WiFi

If you need a WiFi in the hotel to watch Facebook, that is nice. But, if you need a WiFi connection to get your job done, to manage your finances, or maybe follow the cryptocurrency market in order to place buy- and sell orders at the right time, then a WiFi connection isn’t enough. You need to secure your Internet connection because it is no secret that there are a lot of thieves out there stealing confidential information from other users using the same open WiFi network. What can you do to secure the WiFi connection, to make sure that nobody steals your passwords or your digital money?

The best solution is to use a VPN, a Virtual Private Connection. Make sure that you have a VPN application installed on your computer and your phone, connect to a server to encrypt your connection, and after that, you can once again visit all the sites you are interested in, and enter your username and passwords to visit your Internet bank, a popular exchange or read your email without worrying at all. You can read more about different VPN providers in the IP Address Guide.

If you do not want to use your money on a VPN subscription, then you could consider using the TOR Network instead. That is, however, slower, and it doesn’t always work as you want to, so using a VPN is much easier.

Do not forget about this as you eat your lunch

You will most likely eat your lunch somewhere else, and as you sit in a restaurant and use their free WiFi, do not forget about your security. You might not check your email right then, but pro-hackers can easily steal your confidential information from your phone or laptop as you use a free WiFi signal, so watch out. There have been so many stories about people losing their confidential pictures after hacker attempts. If you don’t want to suffer from similar trouble, secure your connection and stay safe.

Metallica concert in Lisbon

Metallica concertWould you like to get a flying start in February 2018? Come to Lisbon and check out the Metallica concert in the MEO Arena.

On February 1st the legendary rock-band Metallica will start their 2018 tour. They will visit some cities in Europe already in 2017, but from February 1st they will get on with it again. The first city they will visit is Lisbon, and here they will perform at the MEO Arena from 19.00. After the concert in Lisbon, Metallica will visit the Spanish capital and perform there twice, then they will visit Barcelona, and after that travel on to Italy.

Metallica will for sure not enjoy our private airport transfer service as they arrive in Lisbon, but if you arrive in Lisbon Airport and want a private driver to pick you up and take you to your hotel for a set price, take a look at our private airport transfer page for more information.

Metallica is a fantastic rock-band, and hopefully, they will not only sing new songs but also play a lot of their old hits at the Lisbon concert. Would you like to be there at the event? You can buy tickets for the Metallica concert in Lisbon, and all their other concerts in Europe, if you click the ticket link beneath. Make sure to search for Metallica, and you will find all their events at once.

Metallica concert in Lisbon

MEO Arena
February 1st, 19.00

Tickets: Viagogo

For more information about other events in Lisbon, or maybe to read more about the attractions of Lisbon, look around here in our Lisbon Guide.

Shakira concert in Lisbon

Shakira LisbonWant to escape Christmas markets and cold weather elsewhere in Europe? Come to Lisbon on November 22nd and enjoy a beautiful city and a Shakira concert.

Lots of cities all across Europe open their Christmas markets in November. The city of Budapest opens its most famous Christmas market on November 10th, while the city of Vienna has the grand opening one week later. It might sound nice to visit those cities and the Christmas markets, and it is nice, but it is just as nice to come to Lisbon where you can enjoy much nicer temperatures and a Shakira concert.

On November 22nd Shakira will enter the stage in the former MEO Arena, and it will for sure be packed as she comes to town. The MEO Arena was a part of the World Exhibition that was arranged in Lisbon a while back in time, and it is in the beautiful area of the Peoples Park.

Would you like to be there at the Shakira concert in Lisbon? You can buy tickets using the ticket link beneath.

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Shakira Lisbon 2017

MEO Arena
November 22nd, 20.00

Tickets: Viagogo

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The perfect way to arrive in Lisbon

What would be the most time-saving and a perfect way to arrive in Lisbon? Having a driver to meet you at the airport must be one of the most important things when describing a perfect arrival.

When you come to Lisbon for the first time, you might be both nervous and excited. The first thing you worry about is your luggage. Has it arrived, or did the flight company manage to send it somewhere else? Is your luggage in one piece?

Perfect way to arrive Lisbon

When you have arrived, your luggage has arrived (hopefully in one piece), you want to leave the airport as soon as possible and get to the city center. But, how is that done? Maybe you have read about the metro system, or about the taxi drivers taking long roads and making you pay too much money? It is easy to worry before you grab a cab at the airport, and if you decide to use the public transportation system, you might worry about pick-pockets and all the luggage you carry around. So, what is the perfect way to arrive in Lisbon?

Let our driver take you to your Lisbon hotel for a set price

The topic says it all! Let us arrange with a driver to pick you up at Lisbon Airport. For a fixed price (which you know beforehand) our driver will wait for you in the arrival hall with a sign with your name on. Once you have met your driver, you walk directly to the car, and a few minutes later you are on the fastest possible way towards your hotel in Lisbon. Doesn’t that sound convenient?

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