Can the 24-hour transportation ticket in Lisbon be used on metro only?

One of our visitors recently wrote a comment and asked us whether or not it is true that the 24-hour transportation ticket in Lisbon only can be used on the metro system as of August 2019? Is that so?

According to the person writing the comment, she found the information on the website of Carris, the company responsible for the trams and the buses in Lisbon. In other words, if it is so, that would be a drastic change in public transportation in Lisbon. So, what is the truth? Do you need to buy separate tickets if you want to travel with the buses and trams in Lisbon, or can you use the same tickets and the same 24-hour card for these transportation vehicles?

Same tickets for public transportation in Lisbon

So, let us take a look at the price list currently available at the Carris website, valid from August 1st in 2019.

Price list for public transportation in Lisbon from August 1st, 2019.
Click the picture for the full-size version of the price list…

If you take a look at the price list above, all uncertainty should go away at once. How come? You can see the normal tickets costs 1,50 Euro and they are for Carris and Metro. Again, Carris is the company responsible for buses and trams, while the metro – that is the metro. In other words, the same ticket is valid for both.

But, what about the 24-hour tickets in Lisbon?

Once again, you can see that the 24-hour ticket costs 6,40 Euro. And what is written next to it? It says, Carris/Metro. Once again, you can use the same 24-hour ticket at all these vehicles, including metro, buses, and trams. If you want to go on a longer trip to other regions a bit outside Lisbon, you might have to buy the extended ticket (more expensive), or simply buy some extra tickets to use those transportation means, but for transportation in the center of Lisbon, the 24-hour ticket should work perfectly.

What about traveling from the airport?

If you come to the airport in Lisbon, you can buy the 24-hour ticket there (or single tickets) and travel by metro towards the city center. It is very easy, and it works great. But, if you want to get faster to your hotel and more efficiently, the best solution is a private airport transfer. We can help you with that, and we have way better prices (and much safer) compared to what you will get if you just find a driver upon arrival at the airport in Lisbon. If you want to know more about our airport transfer service in Lisbon, click the link and book your transfer today!

We hope these answers will help you. We wish you a pleasant stay in Lisbon!

Safe and secure airport transfer in Lisbon!

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The perfect way to arrive in Lisbon

What would be the most time-saving and a perfect way to arrive in Lisbon? Having a driver to meet you at the airport must be one of the most important things when describing a perfect arrival.

When you come to Lisbon for the first time, you might be both nervous and excited. The first thing you worry about is your luggage. Has it arrived, or did the flight company manage to send it somewhere else? Is your luggage in one piece?

Perfect way to arrive Lisbon

When you have arrived, your luggage has arrived (hopefully in one piece), you want to leave the airport as soon as possible and get to the city center. But, how is that done? Maybe you have read about the metro system, or about the taxi drivers taking long roads and making you pay too much money? It is easy to worry before you grab a cab at the airport, and if you decide to use the public transportation system, you might worry about pick-pockets and all the luggage you carry around. So, what is the perfect way to arrive in Lisbon?

Let our driver take you to your Lisbon hotel for a set price

The topic says it all! Let us arrange with a driver to pick you up at Lisbon Airport. For a fixed price (which you know beforehand) our driver will wait for you in the arrival hall with a sign with your name on. Once you have met your driver, you walk directly to the car, and a few minutes later you are on the fastest possible way towards your hotel in Lisbon. Doesn’t that sound convenient?

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How much times does it take to get from Lisbon Airport to the city center with a taxi?

I will be in a hurry as I travel to Lisbon, and need to get to my hotel as soon as possible. How much time does it usually take to get from the airport to a hotel downtown in Lisbon?

Lisbon Airport is a quite central airport, compared to airports in lots of other European capitals. It is located only 15km from downtown Lisbon, which means that it is possible to be at your hotel quickly after arrival. There are of course things that might delay your arrival, for example long waiting time for your luggage, lines waiting for a taxi, and the most crucial thing, traffic.

Travel to and from Lisbon Airport
Lisbon Airport from above

During peak hours a trip that should take around 20 minutes might take you 40 minutes instead. If you, also, catch a driver who on purpose takes you on slow roads, only to make your fee higher, then it can be hard to calculate.

Travel-time from Lisbon Airport to downtown

If you arrive in Lisbon outside peak hours, then the travel time from Lisbon Airport to your downtown hotel should be around 20-25 minutes. During peak-hours you should rather calculate with 40-50 minutes.

How to save time and travel safely to your Lisbon hotel?

If you jump on just any taxi outside Lisbon Airport, you might get a great deal, but you might also meet a tricky driver. Are in a hurry, or just want your travel to be worry-less, then such a driver is not ideal. If you want to save both time and energy, we recommend using a pre-booked taxi. A driver will wait for you at once upon arrival, and you will not have to stand in line to wait for a cab, but you will at once jump into your cab and be taken on the quickest possible road, directly to your hotel. Since the price is set beforehand, the driver has no interest in using slow roads. As a result, you will be taken to the hotel as quickly as possible, on the best possible roads.

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Lisbon transfer

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