Metallica concert in Lisbon 2019

Does it sound cool to start May 2019 with a Metallica concert in Lisbon? You have the chance in 2019, because on May 1st Metallica will enter the stage at the Restelo Stadium, and you have the chance to be in the audience.

Metallica concert in Lisbon 2019
Metallica concert in Lisbon 2019

Maybe you do not want to spend a lot of money on listening to Metallica while in Lisbon, and that can easily be understood. Lots of people would rather spend their money dining at nice restaurants, enjoying the cool elevators and trams in Lisbon, or simply just drinking some nice wine, a cold beer, and enjoy the splendid weather in Lisbon.

But, if you are a fan of Metallica, then what could be better than combining a visit to the Portugese capital with a Metallica concert. And considering that it is on May 1st, you will be able to enjoy parts of the city without the giant crowds often typical for the city during the busy summer months.

Metallica concert in Lisbon 2019

Restelo Stadium
May 1st, 19.00

Tickets: Viagogo
Click the link above, and then search for the artist to find all available tickets at the Viagogo website.

But, if you decide to go to the concert, where can the concert venue be found? The Restelo Stadium is located in the Belem area, and it has capacity for more than 20,000 people. It is normally used for football matches, but from time to time, they use if for larger concerts like the upcoming Metallica concert in Lisbon on May 1st.

Considering how central the stadium can be found, it can easily be reached on foot, or you can use the public transportation in Lisbon to get to the venue easily.

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Metallica concert in Lisbon

Metallica concertWould you like to get a flying start in February 2018? Come to Lisbon and check out the Metallica concert in the MEO Arena.

On February 1st the legendary rock-band Metallica will start their 2018 tour. They will visit some cities in Europe already in 2017, but from February 1st they will get on with it again. The first city they will visit is Lisbon, and here they will perform at the MEO Arena from 19.00. After the concert in Lisbon, Metallica will visit the Spanish capital and perform there twice, then they will visit Barcelona, and after that travel on to Italy.

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Metallica is a fantastic rock-band, and hopefully, they will not only sing new songs but also play a lot of their old hits at the Lisbon concert. Would you like to be there at the event? You can buy tickets for the Metallica concert in Lisbon, and all their other concerts in Europe, if you click the ticket link beneath. Make sure to search for Metallica, and you will find all their events at once.

Metallica concert in Lisbon

MEO Arena
February 1st, 19.00

Tickets: Viagogo

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Shakira concert in Lisbon

Shakira LisbonWant to escape Christmas markets and cold weather elsewhere in Europe? Come to Lisbon on November 22nd and enjoy a beautiful city and a Shakira concert.

Lots of cities all across Europe open their Christmas markets in November. The city of Budapest opens its most famous Christmas market on November 10th, while the city of Vienna has the grand opening one week later. It might sound nice to visit those cities and the Christmas markets, and it is nice, but it is just as nice to come to Lisbon where you can enjoy much nicer temperatures and a Shakira concert.

On November 22nd Shakira will enter the stage in the former MEO Arena, and it will for sure be packed as she comes to town. The MEO Arena was a part of the World Exhibition that was arranged in Lisbon a while back in time, and it is in the beautiful area of the Peoples Park.

Would you like to be there at the Shakira concert in Lisbon? You can buy tickets using the ticket link beneath.

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Shakira Lisbon 2017

MEO Arena
November 22nd, 20.00

Tickets: Viagogo

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Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in Lisbon

red hot chili peppers concertThere will be loads of great concerts in Lisbon this summer, but the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert on July 13th is for sure among the major highlights.

The band often referred to as The Chili Peppers was formed already back in 1983. They have a long history already, but that does not make the band old and out of date. They are probably just as popular today as ever before, and as they come to Lisbon we do expect the National Park (Parque das Nações) to be completely packed with people coming to listen.

For more information about other concerts and events in Lisbon this summer, or maybe during the autumn of 2017, look around here in our Lisbon Guide for interesting information and more.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Lisbon 2017

Parque das Nações
July 13th, 15.00.

Tickets: Viagogo

To buy tickets for the event, visit the Viagogo site above, search for Red Hot Chili Peppers, and you will be ready to buy your tickets right away. There you will also find tickets for all the other Red Hot Chili Peppers concerts in Europe in 2017, so if you would rather listen to the band in Rome in Italy instead, then that can be arranged.

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Aerosmith concert in Lisbon

On the 26th of June Aerosmith will enter the stage in the MEO Arena in Lisbon. As Aerosmith comes to Lisbon their 2017 tour will start approaching an end, so the band will for sure be eager to give their best as they come to Portugal and to Lisbon to perform.

The Aerosmith tour in 2017 starts in Tel Aviv in Israel on May 17th and the last concert will be arranged on Tenerife on July 8th. That means the band will spend almost two months on the road, and if you are interested in being there at any of these concerts, then you can use the ticket link beneath to buy tickets for all of them.

Aerosmith will not be the only band to visit Lisbon this summer (luckily). Before their arrival both Bruno Mars and Guns N Roses will perform in the city, and after they have left the locals can look forward to a Deep Purple and a Depeche Mode concert. Look around on the list of concerts and events in Lisbon for even more information on what’s going on in Lisbon.

Aerosmith lisbon 2017

Aerosmith Lisbon 2017

MEO Arena
June 26th, 19.00

Tickets: Viagogo

Some might say that a Monday is not the perfect day for an Aerosmith concert, as most people have to go to work on the following day. Maybe that is the reason why the concert will start as early as 19.00, because you will still be able to attend the concert, travel home afterwards, and be in bed in good time before midnight. Sounds good?

For more information about attractions, activities and transportation in Lisbon, read around here in our Lisbon Guide. For more information about what’s going on in Krakow, another city where Aerosmith will perform earlier in June 2017, visit the Krakow Guide. And yes, using the Viagogo link above you can not only buy tickets for the Aerosmith concert in Lisbon in 2017, but you can also buy tickets for the concert in Krakow and all other cities in which the band will perform.

Bruno Mars in Lisbon 2017

On April 4th in the MEO Arena Bruno Mars will enter the stage to entangle the audience with his fantastic voice. Are you gonna be there in the crowd?

The Bruno Mars concert in Lisbon will be arranged on April 4th and it will start at 19.00 in the MEO Arena. This is not the only concert in Lisbon in 2017, but it is for sure among the coolest events. You can come just the way you are, and there will for sure be groovin’ and soul as Bruno Mars (aka Peter Hernandez) will enter the stage.

Bruno Mars concert in Lisbon 2017

Bruno Mars Lisbon 2017

MEO Arena
April 4th, 19.00

Tickets: Viagogo

Are you in the mood for being there at this Lisbon concert? You can buy tickets for this Bruno Mars concert and all other Bruno Mars concerts in 2017 at the link above. If you want to get a real culture shock and discover another city while listening to Bruno Mars, then you could also consider traveling to Krakow where you can visit the Salt mines, Auschwitz and also listen to Bruno Mars on ay 27th.

Deep Purple concert in Lisbon

On July 4th Deep Purple will come to perform in Lisbon. This will be their last concert in Europe for a while, so make sure to be there in the MEO Arena for this event.

Deep Purple will start their world tour in Bucharest in Romania in May 2017. From Romania they will travel to Croatia, to Vienna and then to the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Italy and even some more countries. Before Deep Purple come to Lisbon they will perform in Madrid on July 3rd, but after the Deep Purple concert in Lisbon on July 4th the band will take a summer holiday and their next event will be in Canada on September 2nd, and then they will come back to Europe to perform again in November 2017.
Deep Purple concert in Lisbon 2017

You have plenty of reasons to be there in MEO Arena on July 4th to celebrate the Independence Day together with Deep Purple. You can buy tickets for the event using the ticket link beneath.

Deep Purple Lisbon 2017

MEO Arena
July 4th, 21.00

Tickets: Viagogo

You do not only find tickets for the Lisbon concert using the link above. You can also find tickets for all the other Deep Purple events in 2017 there, and you can also find tickets for several other events taking place in Lisbon this summer.

Guns N’ Roses concert in Lisbon

On June 2nd it is time for a fantastic rock concert with Guns N’ Roses in Lisbon. Are you in the mood to rock with the band?

Guns N’ Roses is out touring the world at the moment and they will still be as they come to Lisbon and Portugal on June 2nd. If you would like to be there at this upcoming rock concert in Lisbon then you can use the ticket link beneath to order tickets for the event.

Guns N Roses concert in Lisbon 2017
Guns N Roses concert in Lisbon 2017

Guns N’ Roses concert in Lisbon 2017

Passeio Marítimo de Algés
June 2nd, 17.00

Tickets: Viagogo

The concert in Lisbon will be one out of several concerts in Europe in 2017. They will for example also visit Vienna, Madrid, London, Paris and Prague during their concerts in Europe. You can buy tickets to all these events using the ticket link above.

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Depeche Mode concert in Lisbon in 2017

The highlight during NOS Alive 2017 will be the Depeche Mode concert on June 8th. Read more about the Depeche Mode concert in Lisbon and buy tickets today!

The NOS Alive festival will be amazing in 2017 in Lisbon, but there is little doubt that most fans will find the Depeche Mode concert on the last day of the festival to be the highlight. So far this is almost the only band that has been named for the event next year, but they are already announced as the highlight and that ain’t so hard to understand.

During their Europe tour in 2017 Depeche Mode will perform at the Olympics Stadium in London and in Rome, at Stade de France in Paris and lots of other big venues. We can therefore expect it to completely packed as the UK band will come to Lisbon to perform on July 8th. If you would like to be there at the concert then you can buy tickets from Viagogo. There you can also buy tickets for all the other Depeche Mode concert in 2017. If you would like to be there for the entire NOS Alive 2017 you can find tickets for the full event there as well.

Avis De Miranda /

Depeche Mode concert in Lisbon 2017

The NOS Alive will be arranged between July 6th and July 8th in 2017. The Depeche Mode concert will be the highlight and mean the end of the festival on July 8th. The venue is only 8 minutes from the busy downtown of Lisbon and only 15 minutes from the beach, so this is a great chance to combine sightseeing, swimming and Depeche Mode at the same time.

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Elton John concert in Lisbon

Elton John in LisbonOn December 11th it is time for an Elton John concert in Lisbon. The concert will be arranged in the MEO Arena and you are of course welcome to combine Christmas shopping in Lisbon with a fantastic Elton John concert.

Elton John is famous for lots of things. He is one of the best song writers in the world and he is also a fantastic musician. He created lots of the music for the fantastic film Lion King, he sang Candle in the Wind in the funeral of Princess Diana and he is the man behind several masterpieces. Before Christmas this year Elton John will so come to Lisbon to sing and perform. Hopefully the audience will get to hear some of his most famous songs, probably combined with some new and not so well known tunes as well.

Less than one month before the Elton John concert in Lisbon another star will come to town as well, Justin Bieber. There is little doubt about the fact that Lisbon is a popular city to visit, also among popular artists.

Have a good time at the Elton John concert and do not forget to read around in our Lisbon Guide for more information on attractions, restaurants, hotels and activities in Lisbon!