Aerosmith concert in Lisbon

Aerosmith lisbon 2017

On the 26th of June Aerosmith will enter the stage in the MEO Arena in Lisbon. As Aerosmith comes to Lisbon their 2017 tour will start approaching an end, so the band will for sure be eager to give their best as they come to Portugal and to Lisbon to perform.

The Aerosmith tour in 2017 starts in Tel Aviv in Israel on May 17th and the last concert will be arranged on Tenerife on July 8th. That means the band will spend almost two months on the road, and if you are interested in being there at any of these concerts, then you can use the ticket link beneath to buy tickets for all of them.

Aerosmith will not be the only band to visit Lisbon this summer (luckily). Before their arrival both Bruno Mars and Guns N Roses will perform in the city, and after they have left the locals can look forward to a Deep Purple and a Depeche Mode concert. Look around on the list of concerts and events in Lisbon for even more information on what’s going on in Lisbon.

Aerosmith lisbon 2017

Aerosmith Lisbon 2017

MEO Arena
June 26th, 19.00

Tickets: Viagogo

Some might say that a Monday is not the perfect day for an Aerosmith concert, as most people have to go to work on the following day. Maybe that is the reason why the concert will start as early as 19.00, because you will still be able to attend the concert, travel home afterwards, and be in bed in good time before midnight. Sounds good?

For more information about attractions, activities and transportation in Lisbon, read around here in our Lisbon Guide. For more information about what’s going on in Krakow, another city where Aerosmith will perform earlier in June 2017, visit the Krakow Guide. And yes, using the Viagogo link above you can not only buy tickets for the Aerosmith concert in Lisbon in 2017, but you can also buy tickets for the concert in Krakow and all other cities in which the band will perform.

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