Hotels with free Wi-Fi near Rua Augusta in Lisbon

Are you looking for a central hotel in Lisbon near Rua Augusta (or in Rua Augusta) with a free Wi-Fi connection available? Here are our suggestions!

The best when you come to do sightseeing in a city is to live in the heart of the city. That is why you might want to find and book a hotel near Rua Augusta when you come to Lisbon. This is the street that for many is considered the heart of the city, binding together the popular old town with the popular shopping streets, and here you can also find beautiful attractions and easily walk towards the Tagus river. Could it become any better than that?

Here we will give you a list of some very nice hotels in the vicinity of Rua Augusta with free Wi-Fi. They will thus be a perfect hub for those on a business trip to Lisbon, but also for those simply visiting the city to relax and for leisure for a few days. If you have further comments, experiences or suggestions, please use the comment field beneath.

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Do not forget to book a hotel with free Wi-Fi as you visit the beautiful city of Lisbon – Photo by: cmccg / Shutterstock

Hotel with free Wi-Fi near Rua Augusta in Lisbon

Hotel Avenida Palace

If you want to combine luxury and free Wi-Fi, then this is just the best of the best in central Lisbon. This hotel has five stars, it has free Wi-Fi. The hotel is located about 4 minutes walk from Rua Augusta, but this walk is done in a beautiful environment so you will not regret that walk.

Pousada de Lisboa

Would you like to live in a hotel that will give you a view towards the Tagus river, but if you turn around 180 degrees you will watch towards Rua Augusta instead? At Pousada de Lisboa you will be able to do both as it is located at the beautiful Commercial square (Praca do Comercio) in Lisbon. And since this article is about central hotels in Lisbon with free Wi-Fi that is of course true for this hotel as well!


Hotel Santa Justa

Want to live in the middle of the shopping street, near the Santa Justa elevator and close to everything, even to the nearest metro station? Hotel Santa Justa might be just what you are looking for. This four star hotel has mostly everything you need, including free Wi-Fi connection available. The hotel is probably a bit cheaper than the five star hotels, but still not the cheapest.

Rossio Garden Hotel

Want to live central in the heart of Lisbon near Rua Augusta, but still not in the most expensive hotel? If that is you then you could consider the three star hotel Rossio Garden Hotel. It is about 5 minutes walking distance from Rua Augusta and the hotel has dedicated family rooms, airport transfer service and of course free Wi-Fi.

Holiday Inn Express Lisboa – Av. Liberdade

We have already listed four hotels in this list presenting hotels with free Wi-Fi in the center of Lisbon, but why not write about one more? This is yet another three star hotel which is in a nice walking distance from Rua Augusta. As you discover from the name it is very close to the Avenida da Liberdade in Lisbon, one of the most important commercial streets in town. It is full of shopping opportunities, and at the same time it leads you to the city center. In this three star hotel you will of course get free Wi-Fi and several other nice services.

Have you found this list presenting central hotels in Lisbon with free Wi-Fi useful? We hope you have. As you do your booking we still recommend that you check the free Wi-Fi option. Hopefully the hotels have not changed their policies, but you better stay on the safe side and check it out, just to be sure!