What to do when it is too hot in Lisbon?

It can get extremely hot in Lisbon in the summer, and on such days, you just want to find shadow and get a cold drink. But, what else should one do on such a hot summer day in Lisbon?

There are quite a lot of programs suitable for people in Lisbon, even on the warmest summer day. In this article, we will try to write about such programs, which for sure will help you out during the warmest hours of the day. To get to the different places you can use public transportation, but you will most likely have to get some sun on your body as you enter buildings. Some sun will not harm anyone, as long as shadow and air condition is just around the corner.

Popular Lisbon programs on a warm summer day

Go shopping

On a warm summer day, it can feel refreshing (even for men) to visit a shopping mall. At the metro station Oriente you will, for example, find the Vasco da Gama shopping mall, a fresh haven for everyone when the temperatures are at the highest. There are even restaurants in the mall where you can sit down and sip some cold refreshments or grab a bite of food.

Shopping LIsbon

You could of course walk in Rua Augusta, the main shopping street of Lisbon as well. That is however not the most pleasant experience in the middle of the day when it’s crowded and its very warm.

Visit the oceanarium

Lisbon has a magnificent oceanarium, and it is located just next to the Vasco da Gama shopping mall by the Oriente metro station. You can read more about the aquarium here in our Lisbon Guide, but we promise you that this is a relaxing place and a perfect place to visit for both young and old.

Find a restaurant with air condition

During the warmest hours of the day in Lisbon, why not find a restaurant with air condition and sit down for 2-3 hours. Eat yourself through the menu, taste some local drinks and have a very relaxed lunch. You do not have to feel bad about eating for so much time, after all you are actually discovering Lisbon and its kitchen culture, so a perfect program.

Visit Sintra

Sintra is well known for its beauty, and it might be the most popular destination to visit outside Lisbon. The city is on the World Heritage list, and here you can walk around historical buildings in the city center. You should also climb the hilltops to visit a Moor castle, a Monserrate Estate and of course the Pena National Palace.

Sintra is known to be a city that feels cooler than Lisbon, so even on the warmest day, Sintra feels fresher and better than Lisbon.

Vist Sintra
The beautiful city of Sintra – By Petr Podrouzek / Shutterstock

To get to Sintra you can, for example, use a train leaving from the Entrecampos or the Sete Rios station in Lisbon. Both these railway stations have their own metro stations, meaning that you can easily get to them no matter where you live in Lisbon.

Visit a beach

If you want to relax on a beach, then there are plenty of options while in Lisbon. Lots of people travel to Estoril or Cascais for this purpose, and two of the most famous beaches are Praia de Carcavelos and Praia Sao Pedro. You can easily to get these places using the railway system in Portugal. Be aware of the fact that these beaches can get quite crowded during the summer, but it is well worth the trip.

Expo 98

In 1998 Lisbon hosted a so-called Lisbon World Exposition, and for that reason, a giant area was used and created. On the last day of the event, more than 300,000 people visited the area. Since then the area has been transformed. Today is called the Nations Park (Parque das Nações). This area is located by the Oriente stop, and what is now today the Oceanarium and the Vasca da Gama shopping mall was once created for the purpose of the World Expo in 1998. In addition, you can find in the area an International Exhibition Fair, the MEO Arena (the most popular concert venue in town), a science museum named (Knowledge Pavilion) and a big casino.

Go to the Zoo

Even if the sun is shining, you might find a visit to the Zoo refreshing. You will find more locations with shadow in the zoo, and in this peaceful environment, you can see beautiful dolphin shows, sea lions, pelicans and many other animals.  You can read more about Lisbon Zoo right here.

Zoo of Lisbon
Visit the Zoo

Get straight to your hotel from the airport

If you arrive to Lisbon on a warm summer day, it can be a nightmare to get to your hotel using public transportation. Why not have a private taxi waiting for you in the arrival hall, which will take you straight to your air-conditioned hotel? Read more about such a service right here.

Are you ready for a warm summer day in Lisbon?

These were some advises from us to you, hoping that you will enjoy Lisbon, even though the temperatures are high. If you have further advises or maybe a question, use the comment field beneath.

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  1. Javeri says:

    I really enjoyed the Vasco da Gama shopping mall. It was extremely hot on that day, and we decided to visit the place. My favorite store was the grocery store, and coming from a country with no sea connection, it was simply crazy to look at the fish department in the store. So much to choose from, and it mostly looked terrifying to me. But, really liked it and enjoy the mall and especially the grocery store.

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