Can Portugal beat Poland tonight?

You might find it strange that a Lisbon Guide writes about football, but if you knew the people of Portugal you would for sure understand that Portugal loves football, and when Ronaldo and Portugal is playing a quarter final in Euro 2016 the entire nation pays attention.

That is why we look very much forward to watch the match between Portugal and Poland tonight. According to bookmakers Portugal are the favorites to win the match, but most people also agree that Poland has a good chance. That is why lots of football fans actually consider tonight’s match to be a battle between Ronaldo and Lewandowski. The team that has a shining star tonight will win the battle.

If you are in the mood for watching the match between Portugal and Poland tonight then you can find instructions both in England and in Portuguese on on how it is done.

Now we are already biting our nails, but we hope that in 5 hours from now Portugal will be the first team to qualify for the semi-finals in Euro 2016. If you are a fan of Portugal cheer together with us and the best way to do so is to go out into the streets of Lisbon and find a place to watch the match together with locals and foreigners cheering for Portugal together!

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