Can Portugal make it all the way till the final?

Euro 2016 is going and Portugal is still in the competition, even if they haven’t won any single match yet. But, they have been lucky and ended up with a quite easy route towards a Euro 2016 final, so if they manage to beat Croatia in the upcoming match they will in fact have a quite nice way all the way up to the final.

The people of Portugal haven’t been entirely satisfied with the quality of the Portugal players so far, but luckily they managed a 3-3 against Hungary in their last group stage match and got on to the knockout stage with their three points after three draws. But, there were lots of positives in yesterday’s match against Hungary and most important of them all, Chriatian Ronaldo is back in business and he scored two beautiful goals in the match.

Now playing against Croatia will not be easy, especially considering the fact that Croatia won their last match against Spain after playing some fantastic football. So, the biggest hindrance for Portugal on their way towards the Euro 2016 final is probably the team they will actually meat in their first match of the knockout stage, Croatia.

It ain’t impossible, but if Rakitic and Modric and the other guys keep up their fantastic football from the group stage matches this will not be easy for Portugal.

We will of course cheer for Portugal and if you want to watch the match online then you can follow the instructions in this article which will give you more information on how you can watch Euro 2016 on Portuguese TV abroad. For more information in general about watching RTP in Portugal while abroad, click that link.

If you want to know more about where you can watch the Euro 2016 matches in Lisbon just read the article we have already posted on that subject here in our Lisbon Guide.

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