Euro 2016 in Lisbon

Portugal is one of the big outsiders in Euro 2016, but the people in Portugal believe their nation can make it all the way to the top. That is why you can watch Euro 2016 almost anywhere in Lisbon, but here are some advises from us!

Portugal was really lucky when the groups were drawn in Paris in December 2016. They ended up in what many people believe to be the easiest group consisting of Iceland, Hungary and Austria. Ronaldo and the rest of the team is expected to win all three group stage matches and easily get on to the knockout stage.

In Portugal RTP will broadcast the Euro 2016 and if you want to watch RTP online then these are instructions written for you! Notice that the article is written in Portuguese, so if you do not understand this beautiful language then the follow instructions might serve you better telling you how to watch Euro 2016 online.

Most people will however want to watch the European Championship out together with the crowds, and here are some sports bars and pubs and other places where you can watch Euro 2016 in Lisbon.

Where to watch Euro 2016 in Lisbon

Hennessy’s – Cais do sodré 32-38, 1200-450 Lisboa

This is an Irish pub located by Cais do sodre, and it is for sure among the most popular bars and pubs in Lisbon. It has all the drinks you expect an Irish pub to have and they of course have big screens as well where you can watch all the matches you consider important during the European Championship. A full Euro 2016 can be found here.

Football Park – Parque Eduardo VII

This is a place that normally features a big screen outdoors where people simply can come together to watch football and drink and enjoy the nice summer temperatures we can expect in Lisbon in June and July. Since its outdoors it is also completely free.

IMPORTANT: It seems as if this place want be used anyway, but instead you can watch Euro 2016 in Lisbon at the following place(s): Terreiro do Paço and Alameda (check the comment beneath and please write a comment if you have further insight on the subject)

Real Sports Bar – Av. Luís Bívar 67, 1069-146 Lisboa

This Sports Bar is a part of a very nice hotel and that means that it is not a tired and bad looking pub, but a really nice looking place where you can easily grab some very nice bites of food while watching all your favorite Euro 2016 matches. Reserving a place might be smart and do not forget to tell them that you want to watch Euro 2016!

These are some suggestions to where you can watch the European Championship matches in Lisbon. Enjoy the city and if you have some spare time, do not forget to enjoy a beautiful river cruise while in town.


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