Bruce Springsteen concert in Lisbon

Bruce Springsteen Lisbon

On May 19th it is time for a Bruce Springsteen concert in Lisbon. The Bruce Springsteen concert will start at 12.00 in the Bela Vista Park. Information about the concert!

Bruce Springsteen LisbonBruce Springsteen will travel on a big tour in the spring months of 2016 and during his tour he will visit fantastic cities such as Dublin, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon. If you want to be there at any of these Bruce Springsteen concerts then you can buy tickets for all of them from WorldTicketShop. You can find the link further down in this article.

Bruce Springsteen is often known as the King and if you want to see him live in 2016, then this is your chance. Lisbon is a fantastic city and if you first come to Portugal and to Lisbon make sure to visit the beautiful attractions of the city as well and maybe enjoy a river cruise.

If you want to check out Bruce Springsteen in some other city, like for example Dublin, then visit our Dublin Guide for more information about the city and what it has to offer.

Bruce Springsteen concert in Lisbon

May 19th
Bela Vista Park

Tickets: WorldTicketShop

We hope you will have a magnificent stay in Lisbon and that you will enjoy the Bruce Springsteen concert!

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