Justin Bieber concert

With less than a month left before Christmas it will be time for a Justin Bieber concert in Lisbon? Want to be there? Get Justin Bieber concert information and tickets here.

Justin Bieber concert in LisbonSo, November 25th is the date when Justin Bieber, an artist born back in 1994, will come to the capital of Portugal to sing, dance and perform. The venue for the Justin Bieber concert is MEO Arena and you will not be alone if you go there, because it will be packed with thousands of fans.

The Justin Bieber concert in Lisbon will be the last during his tour in Europe in 2016, but before he comes he will have visited lots of cities in Europe such as Zagreb, Krakow, Prague, Amsterdam, Vienna, London, Birmingham, Oslo and Dublin.

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While in Lisbon do not forget to check out all the attractions of the city and of course you should travel around with tram line 28 when you are in town. Read about all of these activities and attractions here in our Lisbon Guide!