Christmas markets in Lisbon in 2016

Are you coming to Lisbon before Christmas? Are you in the mood for some fantastic Christmas market shopping? What to do in Lisbon? You might be surprised to hear that Lisbon is not that much of a Christmas market city. There are lots of concerts in churches all around the city, but the traditional Christmas […]

Can Portugal beat Poland tonight?

You might find it strange that a Lisbon Guide writes about football, but if you knew the people of Portugal you would for sure understand that Portugal loves football, and when Ronaldo and Portugal is playing a quarter final in Euro 2016 the entire nation pays attention. That is why we look very much forward […]

Euro 2016 in Lisbon

Portugal is one of the big outsiders in Euro 2016, but the people in Portugal believe their nation can make it all the way to the top. That is why you can watch Euro 2016 almost anywhere in Lisbon, but here are some advises from us! Portugal was really lucky when the groups were drawn […]

Portugal – Denmark (Euro 2016 qualification)

On October 8th at 20.45 it is time for a very interesting football match between Portgual and Denmark in Lisbon. This is a very important match for both teams, as they will want to grab three points in this match. Whichever team wins this match will raise their chances of qualifying to the Euro 2016 […]